Welcome to my web site.

I am a Trumpet and brass instrument teacher
(trombone, cornet, flugelhorn, bass, horn, euphonium)
with 25 years experience as a professional trumpet player; and able to teach all aspects of brass instrument playing.

I also teach piano and music theory.

My teaching practice is in Oxford and it's surrounding areas.

Renaisance, Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Big Band, Music theory, Composition, Harmony, Aural.

Fully compliant with ABRSM/Trinity syllabi.
Will teach in respect to GCSE Curriculum/Specification if requested.

Ability Levels:
Beginners to Advanced.

I also undertake Embouchure Training, Embouchure Strengthening (for high notes, etc.), am able to correct breathing problems (bio-rythmics) and flexibilities (diaphragmic control). I am able to assist players in their performance confidence and assurance.

I am also available for more formal ceremonial events - including Weddings, Funeral Services, Memorials, Remembrance Day, etc.