1988 - 2011 HM Forces           The Band and Bugles of the Rifles

2005 – 2011

Principle supervisor/trumpet player and co-ordinator:

  • Lead the trumpet section and brass quintet, giving advice and clear instruction ensuring each member understands what is expected of them. Have advised and trained individuals of the section to a required professional standard.
  • Carried numerous ceremonial duties for royalty and heads of state for occasions such as Edinburgh tattoo, horse guards and other royal occasions.
  • Responsible to Co-ordinate and control rehearsals for military wind band.
  • Worked as instrument store man, maintaining instruments and accoutrements.
  • Booking and overseeing transport.         
  • Maintaining the band’s music library, improving and adding to the libraries data base.   
  • Trumpet performer.
  • Trumpet mentor.
  • Instructor.
  • BA Open University Degree
  • Dip Mus (Open)
  • LTCL - performance diploma
  • ABRSM - performance diploma

Has performed at the Royal Albert Hall as a soloist (Beethoven's 'Battle Symphony').
Has performed at Westminster Abbey (Trumpet Soloist with Abbey Choir).
Has been intoduced to the Queen at The 2000 Royal Military Show. London.
Has played as lead trumpet in several theatre shows, session musician, at Winchester theatre.
Is qualified in Music Technology.

Is qualified in use of Cubase, Audition, Sibelius, etc. for both recording and/or mixing and or mastering.

Teaches Music Theory up to and including Diploma Level - including Composition, Harmony, Musical Score Analysis, Editing, Transcibing, Musical History, etc.

Is qualified to undertake Embouchure Training, Embouchure Strengthening; also to deal with breathing and flexibilities problems. And also to deal with performance confidence and assurance issues.